Madison Heights, MI

"The City of Progress"

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Madison Heights, is a fantastic place to live because it has it all!

Since it became a city in the 1950’s the City of Madison Heights has had a vision of progressing forward and growth.  In fact, it’s slogan is “The City of Progress”.  Having been planned out with an eye on the future, it has lived up to it’s slogan.  It’s residents enjoy the benefits of all the amenities this little city has to offer; recreation (with such features as Red Oaks Water ParkNature Center and parks throughout the city), entertainment, shopping, employment, good schools, service industries, and affordable housing.  Filling all of the human needs that anyone could ever have!

A person could fulfill all of their life’s needs without ever leaving the city.  But if they were to leave the city, there’s easy access to the expressways providing convenient transportation to – anywhere!

Demographics (as of 2015)

Population: 30,123     
Median Age: 36.7       
Poverty Rate: 19.3%  
Median Household Income: $41,206  
Number of Employees: 14,615  (2.37% growth)
Median Property Value:  $79,700  (-0.75% decline)